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    Les robots thérapeutiques (2/3)

    Terre énigmatique

    par Terre énigmatique

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    hallo LPDE - I am delighted that my arte-documentary has so many fans in the web - but still: how come that You upload my documentary violating the personality rights of everybody turning up in this film including the people sufffering from dementia I portrayed? I am the author of this film, researched and shot every tiny bit of it. It was a complicated (half year) process to clear personality rights before we could even start to shoot a single day. I did promise to every relative and lawyer I would handle this material sensitively and would never take it out of the arte/ context.
    You like my film/project and want to distribute the information included? Go ahead: There is a french DVD availabe via arte - and all video material is visible online in my interactive webpage.
    Would You want Your Alzheimer-Granny being exposed in the web without You being asked?
    Looking forward to a reply
    Annette Wagner
    Par dm_50eb299b89589Il y a 3 ans