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    Great Ghetto Musical Instruments! by Dr.MusicKing(7779)!


    by funk7779funkman

    Funkman(funk7779) Loves Guitars, Basses, Drums, Pianos & Stuff!
    Funkman(funk7779) Loves All Musical Instruments!-He can’t get enough! Funkman(funk7779) Says Playing Musical Instruments is Fun!
    Funkman(funk7779) Says : Its Better than a Gun! Uncle Funkman(funk7779) Is Magic!
    Uncle Funkman(funk7779) Is The Urban Walt Disney!
    Uncle Funkman(funk7779) ‘s Entertainment Company is it! Can’t you see?
    Uncle Funkman(funk7779) Creates an Funkin Alternative Reality!
    Uncle Funkman(funk7779) Makes Life Fun for You and Me!

    Hes Michael Jackson, Bootsy, James Brown, Berry Gordy, Walt Disney, Stan Lee, George Lucas, Rick James, The J5, Parliment, George Clinton, BarKays & Prince!
    All In One! But In Quad RollerSkates!
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