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    Real Life Superhero, The Statesman

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

    Like an image straight out of a comic book superhero The Statesman watches silently over the bright lights of a British city - waiting for a crime or cry for help to ring out. Incredibly the scene is not from a Hollywood blockbuster or cult graphic novel but shows the UK's very own real life superhero. In an amazing twist The Statesman is a banker by day and says that he tries to balance out the unpopularity of his day-job by saving people at night in his costume. And shockingly not even The Statesman's GIRLFRIEND knows that her partner dons a mask and sneaks out four times-a-week to combat injustice and help the needy under the cover of darkness on the streets of Birmingham. In this tell-all interview he reveals how he and other real life crusaders helped arrest a drug dealer, he foiled a break-in while dressed in costume, his life as a former TA soldier gives him crime-fighting skills and he uses 14 years of boxing to protect Britain, using force as a last resort.