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    Etiquette When Using LinkedIn

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Etiquette When Using LinkedIn - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hello. My name is Constance Hoffman and I am a social and business graces. A lot of people when they click on LinkedIn, they will use the standard invitation of wanting to match up with someone; you really need to make it more personal. Right now, the invitation will say, “I want to add you to my network”. That is not the right etiquette. What you need to do is tell them why you want to connect, whether it is for business or social, whether you notice you have something in common, but make it a personal invitation to each one that you invite. Also, make it a point to join the various groups. There are hundreds available, and something that will fit either, again, your business expertise, or maybe even something more on the social level. Make sure when you join that group that you introduce yourself to the members of the group and that you contribute to the group, as well. Now, this is not a time to be promoting your own business; this is to show your expertise in the topics that are being discussed and allow others to share in to what you have to contribute. Promoting your own business will come later once you develop those relationships. When somebody does ask to connect with you, you receive that invitation through LinkedIn, really look through the database of that person and what they are about. Do not just add anyone into your database unless you really truly understand why they want to connect and perhaps that it will benefit both of you. You do not want to be just somebody is five hundred plus on your LinkedIn account. Those are just a few tips that you should consider when you are linking in on LinkedIn.