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    Using Dishwasher Tips

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Using Dishwasher Tips - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I am going to show you a few tips on how to get the most out of your dishwasher, and make sure that they come out clean every time. So on the bottom layer, this is where you want to keep your more heavy duty cleaning. Also make sure that you clean everything well because if the food particles stay on there for a long time, it can be harder for the machine to clean it properly. So you want to make it easier for the machine. You do not have to rinse it, you just scrape off as much food as you can. This is where you also put you pots and pans. The jet on the bottom is a lot stronger than the one on top, so it is more for heavy duty. And the top is more for the delicate things, your glassware, that kind of things. You put your plastic on the top here, if you have the plastic on the bottom, it is too close to the heating element and it can melt it. If you have a cutlery drawer, this is great. It cleans them very well. If you have a basket you need to be careful about how you put your utensils in the dishwasher. If you have them all close together sitting in the basket like so, it will clump together and will clean inefficiently. So mix it up a bit, have some up and some down so at least it can wash more effectively. You should follow your manufacturer's instructions or recommendations on detergent and you could use the gel tab or powder and some manufacturers will recommend a particular type. This little compartment here is for rinse aid. Some people I have spoken to have not heard of rinse aid before for dishwashers. It is a liquid that comes out on the final rinse and what it actually does is it helps dry the dishes better. You may notice when you open up your dishwasher there is still a lot of residual water on your plastic. It will dry that off for you. So there are your few tips on getting the most out of your dishwasher.