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Born Designers Party - Soirée à Courchevel

il y a 7 ans11K views



http://born-designers.net BORN DESIGNERS est un Festival qui célèbre l’Active LifeStyle… expression anglo-saxonne née de la fusion du luxe et le sport.

BORN DESIGNERS is the first festival dedicated to Active Lifestyle in Courchevel. From 13th to 16th January 2011, brands and designers of the luxury and sport industries gather to present their latest innovations and products. Presentation of new brands, workshops, concept-cars exposition … Thoughout 4 days, one of the most prestigious ski ressort world renown for its excellence in innovation and services lives at the rate of the festival.

Leveraging the fusion of sports and luxury and the progression of Active lifestyle, Jean-Christophe Chopin, founder of Born.com and Active LifeStyle specialist, wants to celebrate this new concept. He wishes to pay tribute to the brands and personalities who have strongly influenced the past and present of the Active LifeStyle

The international resort Courchevel is the best suited to launch and host this annual Active LifeStyle event as it perfectly embodies these features and combines luxury & sports

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Born Designers Party - Soirée à Courchevel
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