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    Rusted Metal Roofing Materials | Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ


    by redlines32

    146 views The rusted metal roof in Phoenix Arizona had numerous leaks, some severe, and a great deal of rust. Washburn’s owners worried that if they didn’t take prompt action, water leaking through the roof could damage their extensive inventory; even worse, they envisioned having to completely replace the roof. That’s when Dave Coultrap of Division Seven Systems together with contractor Starkweather Roofing stepped in with a cost-effective, non-disruptive roofing solution --Republic Powdered Metals’ Alumanation 301system After covering seams and penetrations with a waterproof seam sealer, the contractor sprayed a single coat of Alumanation 301 over the entire roof. The Alumanation 301 system completely weatherproofed the roof, preventing any more water from entering the building. It also provides excellent rustproofing, arresting the deterioration of the roof’s metal panels.