Using Fenugreek in Cooking (Indian Cuisine Video)

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by Geo Beats

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Using Fenugreek in Cooking - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Fenugreek is used in three different ways in curries. It is a really important ingredient in South Indian cooking, and it also adds its very distinctive aroma to most curry powders and curry pastes. The fenugreek seeds have all their flavor locked into the seeds, so that needs to be released by frying them in hot oil first. Because they tend to be a little bit bitter, they have to be used sparingly. So, a small amount of fenugreek goes a long way in flavoring a curry. I also like to use fenugreek as dried leaves. I find the leaves are really mellow, really aromatic, and they just add a wonderful curry aroma to any curry they are added to. And finally, we use them fresh, in the fresh leaf form. These tend to be slightly bitter and they need to be sauteed over low heat for a long period of time to get rid of some of the bitterness, but they taste really delicious with vegetables such as potatoes and onions. Or, when they are cooked with chicken or lamb, they are absolutely delicious. Fenugreek, in all its forms, adds a wonderful, subtle, curry aroma to any curry.