Hong Kong Police Drop Charges Against NTD Intern

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Hong Kong police have dropped charges against NTD intern Cai Wenwen. Cai was arrested on July first when she was covering the aftermath of the annual democracy parade. Police maintained she was part of the protest, but Cai and her supporters say police had no evidence.

On the evening of July 1st, one of our NTD interns, Cai Wenwen, was arrested as she took pictures of protestors after the annual democracy parade in Hong Kong. Police mistook her for one of the protestors. Although NTD faxed her credentials to police, she wasn't released until the next day.

Now Hong Kong police say they will not prosecute Cai, yet Cai feels they need to go further.

[Cai Wenwen, NTD Intern]:
"After several months they still can't find any evidence to show that I was protesting at that time. I think they should make this clear to the public and to me. I feel they owe me an explanation and an apology."

Hong Kong legislator Albert Ho is supporting Cai in a lawsuit she launched against police over the arrest. He says the police had no evidence against Cai in the first place.

[Albert Ho, Hong Kong Legislator]:
"There is one fact which is very clear, this is that the police have no evidence to show that Miss Cai took part in an illegal gathering or unauthorized gathering. So her arrest and detention that day were possibly illegal."

Spokesperson for NTD's Hong Kong bureau Zhu Changmin welcomed the decision not to prosecute, but says the police should issue an apology.