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    by elocsports


    http://www.thebeamz/lasermusic Have the coolest parties ever with this incredible electronic music instrument! This new electronic laser gadget enables anyone, regardless of age of skill level, to create, play, DJ, and record great music in minutes! Create your own mix of your favorite music, join a video and play along with the artist, or play multiple Beamz at the same time with your friends! The Beamz is perfect at parties because it allows everyone to experience music, interact with it, and create it in a whole new way. It’s easy, and anyone can play hundreds of instruments and songs in any style – from classics to Rock to Techno to Dance and Dubstep to current hits to DJ sound effects. Even more, you can even record, save and share your performances to show off your music mixes. So get with your friends and start the party! Get Beamz now at and Play The Light!