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    A Scarf For Percy

    Here it is my second Michael Angelis remake the next one will be a Ringo Starr remake.

    i would like to say this one i feel is one of my best remakes even though the snow on the ground in the first photos were done on paint which explains why in the videos isnt in i feel its a good idea like that it makes like as if the snow is melting or something but don't post comments about that though or any goofs cause i'll remove them!

    also the accident and the scene where the Jam(Really Askeys Strawberry Dessert sauce) splats on Percy and The Fat Controller was actually my favorite part of it all and yes i did clean them after the filming with a Baby wipe and a cotton bud goes to show i care for my Models

    anyhow enjoys this one cause the next one though i can't say maybe a long wait but we will have to see.