Freedom to Create Beyond the Glass Curtain

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During the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia many artists would choose glass as their medium because in this field they weren't monitored and had creative free reign. Today, some of the best known glass artists have come to Israel to take part in an exhibition called “Freedom to Create Beyond the Glass Curtain."

For these glass artists the freedom to create was not always taken for granted.

Most of them started their career in communist Czechoslovakia where painters and sculptors were limited by the government to promoting communist ideals.

During that time glassmaking became a bastion of liberated thinking.

[Orit Ephrat-Moscovitz, Director, Litvak Gallery]:
“People who practiced art were watched very closely and the communists were afraid of freedom of speech. So they didn’t let them create. As glass was considered a decorative form of creation it was not considered such a big deal and communists didn’t mind what the glass artists did."

These glass artists came from the Czech Republic to represent their works at an exhibition in Tel-Aviv named “Freedom to Create Beyond the Glass Curtain."

Jirina Zertova belongs to the senior generation of leading Czech glass artists.

Choosing glass art enabled her to avoid working in the social realism style.

Even though the communist regime in Czech Republic fell in 1989, for these artists, glass continues to be a material with huge potential for creation.

Through glass creations many artists not only express their feelings, but also pose philosophical questions.

For artists, the urge to create breaks through boundaries or regimes.

Reporter:Elena Tzuprun Photographer:Michael Ash
NTD News, Tel Aviv, Israel