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    Photojournalist Compares Cairo and Tel Aviv Revolutionists


    by NTDTelevision

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    During her visit to Cairo's Tahrir Square, an Israeli journalist took photos of Egyptian revolutionists. Upon her return to Israel she learned of the “tent camps struggle” taking place in Tel Aviv. Her photo exhibition displays a journalist’s impression of the two closely related phenomena.

    Many try to find the commonalities and differences between the two events that took place almost simultaneously in Cairo and Tel Aviv.

    The journalist Yaira Yasmin simply took photos of them both and presented her impression of the events at her exhibition now on display in Tel Aviv.

    [Yaira Yasmin, Israeli Journalist]:
    "There are many young people who look the same and are very excited and very similar in their enthusiasm to create a better world. I was impressed by the spirit and purity of the people who do what they believe to be true.”

    The exhibition is unique. Throughout it all are faces of people from Tel Aviv and Cairo, a jumble-like puzzle that creates a whole picture.

    So is the revolution in Egypt and the protest in Israel similar?

    Not in all respects, but there is a similarity between them, despite variations in participants’ character and the difference between the countries's regimes - a totalitarian regime in Egypt and a democratic regime in Israel.

    [Dr. Mira Tzoref, an expert in Egypt at the Tel Aviv University]:
    "The youth of Tahrir and the youth of Rothschild Boulevard just as young people in the Middle East and North Africa, devote their right as young people not just for the future of the nation, or to join the army and the fulfillment of duties, but they devote their lives to for the right to dream of a normal life. The emphasis is on a normal life. Life not of extravagance, but also not of hunger".