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Palestinian Police Train Ahead of Expected UN Statehood Bid

6 years ago113 views

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Palestinian police are training to prevent violence following the upcoming Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations. The bid is expected to trigger protests from Palestinians.

Sunday saw Palestinian police hold a training exercise session. They were acting out possible violent situations that could take place ahead of an expected statehood bid at the UN this week.

During the drill, policemen in riot gear confronted those who enacted the role of Palestinian protesters. The mock protesters were trying to reach areas controlled by Israel. And the police forces were acting out the evacuation and arrest of these protesters.

[Jean Frederic Martin, EU adviser to the Palestinian police]:
""As you see they have reached a very high professional level and you'll see that they are able to arrest demonstrators, violent demonstrators, without using force, just using tactic and skills. And you can see that they have a lot of...they have a large panel of techniques that they can use in every situation. And I feel really confident."

Ismail Hanaysha is the head of the Palestinian private forces. He says that they train to prevent protesters from reaching areas controlled by the Israeli army, during possible violent riots.

[Ismail Hanaysha, Head of Palestinian Private Forces]:
"We are, as you will see in our training now… to protect the people from any danger."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will be demanding full UN membership of a Palestinian state. He will seek a vote on the issue in the UN Security Council at the UN General Assembly next week.

The United States firmly opposes Abbas's decision, and is most likely to veto the vote. The US argues that a Palestinian state can only be created through direct negotiations.

President Abbas say he wants recognition as a state within the 1967 borders.