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    Stepping Back To the Good Old Days -- Johnny's Donuts, Old Fashioned Doughnuts


    by Kingofthehouse

    Johnny's Donuts, Bellingham, WA -- the home of old-fashioned, handmade doughnuts. I told my friends, John and Karin Koons, that I would tell the community about their fantastic recipes. The theme of this video is "Turning Back Time". In this one, we remember 1969. Try one of Johnny's donuts and you will know why I decided on that theme: When you buy your doughnuts at Johnny's Donuts, it is like turning back time to the good old days. Johnny's Donuts, the little red building at 2201 Cornwall Avenue in Bellingham, Open Tuesday Through Saturday, 7am to 3pm. Your home for old-fashioned, handmade donuts.