King Oliver's Jazz Band - Chattanooga Stomp, 1923


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King Oliver's Jazz Band (Oliver, Picou) - Chattanooga Stomp, Columbia 1923

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Many thanks for this truly stupendous upload. Since there's a two-year gap since the previous comment was posted, I hope I'm not tempting Providence when I say I'm glad the "arboreal-horticultural" issues appear to have been sorted!
Przez TigerTimpani W ubiegłym roku
So Orchard Music and others are not only picking the fruit but also cutting down trees in the process :-(
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
Recorded 15th. Oct. 1923. Brilliant addition to King Oliver "Playlist".
Thank you for sharing.
Przez Walter Gray 4 lata temu
"copyright terrorism",I wish I had thought of that first.Warner Music used to be the leader but now "Orchard Music" has surpassed them in irritating us simple old music lovers.I deleted over 30 videos,but since Orchard Music went on a rampage,they have claimed 40 more(mostly jazzy tunes) but even some Freddy Martin tunes.Fortunately I have about 90% saved in my external drive.
Przez Lou 4 lata temu
Grzegorz, for your information... not in Lou's but my inbox :-)
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
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