Sonic X 34


by Jen

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The quills, the eyes, the body shape, the chest fur, THE COLOR! do they need any more proof that it's Shadow not Sonic????
By Super-Nova101 4 years ago
thanx for the uploads! and i agree shadow's voice is way better than the 4kids version. and how can they mix up sonic and shadow? they look nothing alike
By nerd_at_heart 5 years ago
Shadow! n___n His Japanese voice is Waaay better than the 4Kids one (Y) :3
By Shazz666 6 years ago
YEEEEEE Shadow! but um they can't tell the difference betwen spikes up and black and no look alike there at all
By miles305678 7 years ago
Did you try to upload a whole episode?
Dailymotion has a time limit which means the episodes are too long to upload. You need to chop it in half. These epis were uploaded before the time limit came to effect.
By Jen 7 years ago
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