Chinese Lawyer Jiang Tianyong Breaks Silence on Torturous Detention

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A Chinese rights lawyer has broken his silence on his illegal detention earlier this year. Beijing-based lawyer Jiang Tianyong says he wants to break through the fear that the Chinese regime instilled in him. He's the latest activist to speak about the torture he received at the hands of Chinese security officers.

Nearly five months after his release, Chinese rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong has spoken about being tortured and detained illegally for two months. He saw no sunlight during the entire time, and was subjected to constant physical and mental torture.

Chinese security officers took Jiang away on February 19. His whereabouts and condition was not known until April 19, when he was allowed to return home. During the unexplained detention, Jiang says he was beaten, threatened and deprived of sleep for five days. He was also subjected to what authorities called "rescue education." It's a type of brainwashing where interrogators repeatedly "educated" Jiang, and made him repent his so-called "mistakes."

[Jiang Tianyong, Chinese Rights Lawyer]:
"I feel that the physical pain was unspeakable, but the mental torture was worse. Under that closed condition, I received no outside information, and was made to stay in one place, being forced to accept what they told you. My thoughts and spirit were sliced to death, bit by bit."

Like many other activists illegally detained by the Chinese regime earlier this year, Jiang decided to speak out about his ordeal. He wants to expose the Chinese communist regime, despite the fear it's instilled in him.