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    Hand-made Noodles Catches People's Eyes at Hong Kong Food Expo


    by NTDTelevision

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    A food expo kicks off in Hong Kong's Maritime Square, displaying a variety of interesting products. The art of making hand-made noodles particularly catches visitors' eyes.

    The Wheaten Food Expo opened in Hong Kong on Thursday, showcasing a variety of products.

    Hand-pulled noodles catch the attention of many visitors.
    A master chef from Shanxi Province in northern China displays his expertise in the art of making hand-pulled noodles.

    A group of 20 children learn how to make hand-pulled noodles from the master chef.
    The children displayed the hand-pulled noodles they make on a 330-foot-long painting of the Great Wall of China.

    Besides different foods items made by children, their parents, and teachers, the expo shows pictures of noodles made in ancient times.
    The food fair, which is held in Hong Kong's Maritime Square, runs until September 25th.