Pottery: How to Make a Goblet?

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by Geo Beats

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How to Make a Goblet? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. My name is Chris Bussie, this is penguin foot pottery. We will start off with first is a goblet, so we will do this first in a one piece goblet: start with a ball of clay, throw it down on the wheel, get it nice and wet, get our hands nice and wet, build up some slip on there. Make sure we are sealed to the wheel, we will center the clay. What I am doing here is bringing up into a cone and this will blend the clay together as well as pop out any air bubbles. So we will center open the clay, making sure we leave enough clay in the bottom for the base. And then I will start my pulls, this is a knuckle pull to for the goblet and we are going to bring it up right into a cylinder. And as I come up I am going to bring it in a little bit down here and open up into my top cup shape. So I will thin out get my cup and it helps if the rim is a little bit curled in to start off with before you do your next pull. Then take a metal rib, condense the outside is going to help keep my shape as I pull up the stem. And what I am going to do now is put my hands like this so I have 3 point on each hand and I will be squeezing the clay. And I will squeeze and pull up and I want to kind of continue that up to the top, making sure everything is nice and centered. I could do that a couple times. You want to use a lot of moisture at this point because you are going to have a lot of contact area and now I can kind of decide on what the cup shape will look like. Maybe it is a red wine glass or a white wine martini glass, it is going to kind of depend. Trim out some extra clay. Taking out any moisture from the inside. And I like to finish off the base. What I have here is just a wooden rib that I have carved kind of a little pattern in right there. Now I can push into the clay, kind of create a little bit of a pattern ridge and that is good for doing multiples because I will have that template on me all the time. Like that, we will make sure were nice and centered. Our goblet.