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3 Ideas for Maternity Tops

6 years ago220 views


Geo Beats

3 Ideas for Maternity Tops - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Tara, and I am with Mamababy Boutique. For maternity tops, I have a few favorites, one of them is Japanese Weekend. They are really awesome because they are very versatile. They will try to do different things with their garments where it can be a 4 -in-1 or 2-in-1. It can turn into a skirt, and be a top, or a dress, or be reversible, and get a lot more usage out of it. Whereas some people are hesitant to buy maternity clothes because they may only be able to wear for a few months but then get a lot more usage out of this one piece, so that is why their really great. They are a little higher end at their price range. Then I also have a Lilac here and they are also one of my favorites. It is more of the medium price range. They also have some awesome beautiful fabrics, really soft. Their concept is to be wearable for before and after pregnancy. You can wear it all through pregnancy and then afterwards as well. They just accommodate the body and accommodate the changing belly. This is a top from Cotton Glam and they also have very beautiful fabrics. This is one of their more doll pieces. They are really nice because basically they have different styles and an array of colors, and for each season I can pick out each color, and choose my pallet for the season. They are really comfortable at a little better price point. So if you have a budget, you can look at some of these pieces. For instant the Japanese Weekend piece is in the seventy to eighty range. The Lilac ranges more from sixty to seventy, and the Cotton Glam is more around the forty and fifty range.