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    Choosing Right Peeler in Kitchen

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Choosing Right Peeler in Kitchen - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. If you are in the cooking store and you see a bunch of different peelers, you might wonder why would I need this peeler here or this one over here. So I am going to show you which peeler is right for the job. We are going to use a bunch of different peelers so you can decided for yourself if you really need all these different peelers. If you have a recipe that calls for zucchini cut into very fine strips, there is this peeler that has very sharp teeth in it and it will cut it into strips for you and I am going to show you how it does it. Just holding it flat and just pulling it down top to bottom and then it is in strips. Now you could do it the old fashioned way if you wanted to and just cut off planks and then cut these individually yourself but this seems like it would be a whole lot easier. So you just keep doing it and it just all falls right apart. Now another peeler that you might use on a zucchini is just a regular vegetable peeler with a straight edge to take off the skin. And we have all, most people have these, and it just easily takes off the skin. Now, some fruits and vegetables are a little bit tougher to take off the skin with the straight edge vegetable peeler. For example, this egg plant. You can do it but you have to really dig in. So that is where the serrated peeler comes in. Now these teeth are very fine. They are not as big as the other peeler and it takes this off with hardly any pressure on my part. Not only does it work for egg plant but it also works great on tomatoes and a peach. And if you do not believe me I am going to show you. So here we have a tomato. Normally when you want to peel a tomato you have to cut an X at the bottom put it in boiling water for 30 seconds, pull it out, put it in ice water until the peel comes off and then it just peels right off. Which is fine if you have several pounds to do, but if you just have one or two it just makes sense to use the serrated peeler. Now if you tried to use this, it is get a little tough and it gets stuck and its just a little bit harder. Same thing with a peach. Usually if you are doing a baked good, peaches are peeled. So again and you would usually peel it like you do a tomato in the hot water and everything. This way you get a fresher peach because you are not cooking it at all. And it just peels right off. And then my last one is not even using a peeler at all. It is using a serrated spoon or grapefruit spoon. This I like to use for ginger. I am going to break this ginger root in half - this is you find it in the produce section how it comes - and the skin is thin and you want to just take off the outer layer. Now you can definitely use a straight edge vegetable peeler but this allows you to get into the little nooks and crannies. And you just scrape it right off. And if you do not have serrated spoon or grapefruit spoon you can use a regular one, but I just find the little sharpness on the edge gives it a little extra advantage. And that is vegetable peelers 101.