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    UFO Retrieved By Russian Military secretly filmed WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

    2 763 visualizzazioni UFO being transported by Russian military helicopter filmed Michael Cohen UFO and alien events in Russia have gone into overdrive over the last six months. It is believed that officials from the Interior Ministry are currently in damage-control mode as clumsy cover-up stories are quickly put together to conceal the reality of alien visitation made obvious by a series of high profile and publicly reported events beginning with a UFO that was tracked travelling at 6000mph and whose occupants communicated in odd "cat sounds", then moving on to a UFO crash witnessed by thousands in the Irkutsk region and reported by all major media outlets in Russia (albeit censored in the West) and culminating in an Alien found in the snow in the Republic of Buryaita. The last event was followed by an obviously flawed and extremely suspicious official cover-up. Now a UFO has been filmed being transported by Russian military helicopter (see video below) and the footage below has become set forums across the internet alight with speculation. Some have suggested that this might indeed by the object that crashed outside Irkutsk. Some have also suggested that in a surprise move Russia may turn out to be the nation that informs the world of the the fact that we are being visited by UFOs and aliens and have been for some time. UFO Retrieved By Russian Military secretly filmed WWW.GOODNEWS.WS ;