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    Pop Pop [Calypso Blues] - An RDB remix of Nat 'King' Cole featuring Louie Bellson & Cab Calloway

    Robert Brooks

    by Robert Brooks

    NOTE: This song/video was created using 100% PUBLIC DOMAIN and Creative Commons footage and audio!

    I decided to teach myself how to write a song (well, mash-up or re-mix a song anyways) - so I downloaded a bunch of public domain musicals and films and created this video - by mashing up Cab Calloway (from 'Hi De Ho'), Louie Bellson (from 'Rock n' Roll Revue') and Nat 'King' Cole's Calypso Blues (from 'Rhythm & Blues Revue').

    In all, it required footage from 8 different films (and a couple samples/loops, as the old films didn't have that nice, deep bass like we have in music nowadays).

    The entire time I was editing this, I couldn't help but think of Magnitude (from the tv show Community, of course)... 'Pop Pop!'


    Created by Robert D. Brooks
    Featuring the music of Nat 'King' Cole, Cab Calloway, Louie Bellson, Jeff Costanza
    Samples by Dirtyjewbs (

    [Public domain] films used in the creation of this song/video:

    Rhythm & Blues Revue (Nat King Cole's Calypso Blues)
    Hi De Ho (Cab Calloway's We The Cats Will Hep Ya)
    Rock n' Roll Revue (Louie Bellson's drumming)
    Sepia Cinderella
    Second Chorus
    Glorifying the American Girl
    The Inspector General
    Reet, Petite and Gone