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    Vice President of EU Parliament Urges Korea to not Deport Falun Gong Practitioners


    by NTDTelevision

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    We told you earlier this week that the South Korean government is planning to deport a Chinese refugee who applied for asylum. He practices Falun Gong--a spiritual practice that's being brutally persecuted in China. Now European Parliament Vice-President Edward McMillian-Scott has written to the president of South Korea--urging him and his government to stop these kinds of deportations.

    Back on September 6th, South Korean police had arrested the refugee, Mr. Jin, along with his wife. Mr. Jin is still being detained and faces possible deportation.

    McMillian-Scott wrote in his letter to president Lee Myung-Bak, that "Since 1999 practitioners of Falun Gong--a Buddha-school peaceful way of life--have been terribly persecuted, imprisoned and abused."

    The young couple from China had applied for asylum in South Korea, but were rejected. McMillian-Scott says this goes against the country's principles.

    He writes: "Despite the terrible situation of practitioners in China, of the approximately 100 who have applied for asylum in South Korea, almost all have been rejected. This appears to go against Article 3 of the proposed 2009 Bill on Refugee Status Determination and Treatment of Refugees and Others."

    To date, the South Korean government has deported more than ten Falun Gong practitioners back to China, where they face the possibility of arrest, torture, and even death.