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    Oh, the wine from Greece! - For the dance floors 2011

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    Mark Stanton Reade

    von Mark Stanton Reade

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    I always have really loved this song that was originally written by songwriter Udo Jürgens (Austria) already in the 70ths under the title "Griechischer Wein" and that I now have translated into the English language and recorded myself, too, over the last few days (although I drink alcohol comparatively seldom myself and would recommend the youth better to not drink it in some bigger quantities with their friends, for it can remarkably damage your health on the long run otherwise), because of its somewhat slightly melancholic mood and the nice message about a few foreign workers sitting in some bar thousands of miles away from home, but notwithstanding ínviting you for some drink although you are a complete stranger to them yourself! Udo Juergens is already clearly older by now, but nevertheless still active as a singer. Strictly non-commercial version! -- English lyrics with some guitar chords now downloadable for free on my "Photobucket" profile as a composer (user: markstantonreade).