In the Studio: Volker Quaschning, HTW Berlin

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Professor Volker Quaschning is a researcher on renewables and he comes from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (HTW).DW-TV: Professor Volker Quaschning, when in Germany the wind blows very strongly it can already overwhelm the electrical power grid. How come the big energy suppliers didn't invest in better grids a long time ago?Volker Quaschning: So, the grids are constructed for the distribution of the energy from central power plants, such as coal power plants or nuclear power plants to the consumers, so in the future it will be totally different. So we have distributive renewable energy systems, solar systems, on each roof and we have to change the grid. But the problem is that renewable energy system they compete with the old power plants, with the nuclear and coal power plants and the owner of these power plants they are not interested in constructing new power lines.So, if we turn off the nuclear power plants nowadays that's actually a good thing for the renewables?Yes.
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