Rare White Cubs Nursed By Manchurian Tiger Mom

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And finally, a heartwarming tale--of a tiger mother who has taken on some cubs, of a different stripe.

These white tiger cubs are rare--only two to three hundred of their species can be found in China, in captivity. In the wild, they're basically extinct.

So when all five were born as siblings, it was a great victory for those hoping to save their species.

One of the problems that arose, though, was nourishment--the tiger mother just didn't provide enough milk for all five cubs.

But a Manchurian tiger mother has come to the rescue, providing milk for the little ones. Her species is a bit more common--in fact, she has no name, and is referred to as number 374. Partially, she was chosen for reasons of timing.

[Tang Lei, White Tiger Keeper]:
"The Manchurian tiger gave birth to cubs just the same size as the white tiger cubs. Besides, it has enough milk."

But it hasn't been easy to make the Manchurian tiger mother feed the other white tiger cubs instead of its own cubs.

[Liu Dan, Tiger Park Chief Engineer]:
"We brought one white tiger cub to the Manchurian tiger at first and let the mother tiger adapt to the environment and temperature. Then we took out its own cubs one by one, and brought all the five white cubs into the No.374 cage."

Now the five white tiger cubs are weaned and can eat small pieces of meat. The staff says they’ll set up a special training zone two months later for the five cubs so that they can grow strong enough to meet the public.