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    Drag hunting

    Drag hunting is the humane alternative to hunting with hounds. Instead of chasing a live animal, the pack of hounds follow a scent laid along the ground by members of the hunt.

    Some draghunts use a cloth soaked in aniseed, animal urine and paraffin and this is dragged across the countryside before the start of the "hunt".

    Draghunts which use bloodhounds simply follow the scent of a human on foot.

    There are several drag hunts operating in Ireland at present. Drag hunting is also sometimes practised by existing hunting groups - either as a way to exercise the hounds or in addition to their blood sport activities.

    The same hounds are used in both, proving that the transition from cruelty to compassion, which most Irish citizens desire, is very simple to arrange. Drag hunting is the future for hunting in Ireland.

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