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    Tips For Organizing Refrigerators

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Mistakes When Organizing Refrigerators - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Here are my top five tips for organizing your refrigerator. First of all, make a date for a weekly check-in with your refrigerator. Go through it at least once a week and look for things that are expired, have to get used very quickly, and go through the crisper drawer for all those wrinkled, old carrots and apples that need to get thrown out. Second, to help you with this, keep things labeled and organized. Use a permanent marker to label condiment jars and salad dressings so that you know when you opened them and when it is time to throw them out. Put erasable labels on your storage containers so that you know when you put that item in the refrigerator. Leftovers should be kept front and center and within two to three days, it is time to throw them out. Third, use clear storage containers. It really makes a big difference to be able to see what is in your refrigerator. I always recommend using glass containers instead of plastic for foods that you are going to be microwaving later. That prevents the plastic containers from getting stained. Store your grocery items by meal or by topic. For example, I like to keep all of my breakfast items - eggs, english muffins, toast, yogurt, cheese - straight in the middle of my refrigerator at eye level where everybody can see them and find them. Last, store items in your refrigerator based on the appropriate coldness zones of your fridge. Items like raw meat, citrus fruits, should be in the drawers at the bottom which are usually the coldest in your refrigerator. Items like leafy greens should be a little bit higher up and towards the front. Doing this will help you to not only find things better but to extend the life of the products in your refrigerator.