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    3 Ideas for Nursing Tops

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    3 Ideas for Nursing Tops - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am going to talk about nursing tops. This is my first pick, here. It is a Japanese Weekend nursing top. I really like Japanese Weekend because they are very versatile. They come out with a lot of different styles where you can access nursing from different places of the top, and have really beautiful draping fabrics, make you feel really comfortable. They are higher price point, but very worth the money. This is my second pick. It is a top from Milkstars. I really like them because they have a whole second layer through the top, so if you need to nurse from the bottom you can do that, or, as well, from the top. And so, they are really draping, comfortable fabrics and the price point is really good. This is my third pick. This is a top from Glamourmom and it is actually one of my top sellers. The price point is really well. It is really nice because it has a built in bra, so you do not have to buy as many nursing bras, and you can just switch it out and wear a little sweater over the top and wear it all through the year. You can unclasp it here to access nursing really easily. It is just loved by a lot of women. Price point for all three of them. I would say that Japanese Weekend is the higher price point of all of them, and then the Milkstars, and then Glamourmom would be the cheapest price point.