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    Aoki vs Sakurai


    by Knightforcer

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    natural born killer
    i think it was machs strength that gave him the edge . both fighters are awsome .
    By natural born killer9 years ago
    Well, they both had their moments, IMO.
    By Knightforcer9 years ago
    Wow that was quite a robbery. I am a Mach fan but Aoki was blatantly robbed in that fight, ridiculous. Looking at the matchup I have a hard time figuring out why Aoki gave Mach so many problems. Aoki has little standup skills and should have a hard time against top notch strikers with heavy hands, a la Mach, but for some reason he seems to never get caught(other than early in his career against Nakao). He seems to defy the "you need to be well-rounded to be successful nowadays" argument. I think it's just a matter of time before he goes down to a good striker though, maybe even Mach in the rematch.
    By mowglieboy9 years ago
    Jérémy Broko
    For me Aoki is the best submission artist !!
    By Jérémy Broko9 years ago