Why the only way to get over something is through it #252

Ka Sundance

by Ka Sundance

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Today I was working with one of my clients, and we found out about something fascinating.
We have been talking about a problem area in her life.
A problem area that exists for some years actually.
And after trying to adjust herself to make peace with the problem, looking at it from various sides, a lot of hesitation, there was this breakthrough today!

Finally my client realized that there is actually no going back, and also no accepting of the problem possible.
There is just one real option.
What a relief!
Finally movement and change.
Often when that happens, when the inital pattern is broken and your consciousness has expanded in new territory, a positive chain reaction is kicking in.
Finally other areas in your life also improve and transform for the better.
Sometimes this happens like magic - effortless.
Making a good decision will bring more good and more good decision....
No excuses, go through it and watch this video!