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    Argentine FM Seeks Better Balance in Trade with Chinese Regime


    by NTDTelevision

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    Argentine foreign minister Hector Timerman hopes to seek a better balance in trade with the Chinese regime. The aim—to boost Chinese imports of Argentine manufactured and industrial products.

    Timerman arrived in Beijing for a two-day official visit last Thursday with a 40-member trade delegation.

    He met with his counterpart, Yang Jiechi, and also the Chinese Communist Party's vice president, Xi Jinping.

    [Hector Timerman, Argentine Foreign Minister]:
    "We reached an agreement on the need for a more balanced commercial relationship on both sides and these commercial ties should include manufactured products."

    Currently, 85 percent of trade between China and Argentina is agricultural products.

    China imports about $2 billion worth of soy oil—Argentina's second largest export market.

    Trade between the two countries improved by 65 percent last year to $13 billion—Argentina with a deficit of $1.8 billion.