#167= ObamaCare for republicans & 36 people shot in 9-5-11 news

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On 9-5-11 I watched my class #216 to help explain the news that day of 36 people shot in the Big Apple. Then I found out that Vimeo, (also in New York), had deleted all my videos which caused me to send them an email about how they could be responsible for that disaster. The 9 videos that they deleted were the most blatant messages from heaven I have ever accomplished, which implies that evil atheists have been deleting my videos. The links to the 9 other video hosting sites are at MikeOversonEndTimes.NET, (where I predicted this wrath of God). I read the email I sent to Vimeo to prove how much these atheists caused the wrath of God to hit New York. Then I show a picture of Obama also in that 9-5-11 news as a sign that I should read the email I sent to the Republican National Committee. It was to explain that I believe they are opposing something that God is in favor of (that’s ObamaCare). This also has more feedback about the “happy days” offer in class 211, (like in #212 to 216).