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    Tide Watch Spot Temporarily Closed After Twenty are Injured


    by NTDTelevision

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    Tide-watching in China is not always a safe activity. After twenty people were injured from the highest tides in 9 years, local authorities in the eastern province of Zhejiang are taking extra precautions... temporarily closing one watching spot.

    On Wednesday, authorities in Zhejiang Province announced that certain parts of one of the most popular tide-watching spots in China will be temporarily closed from September 14th to 16th. It comes after 20 tourists and guards were injured on August 31 at the dam site.

    The Laoyancang Dam is frequented by visitors who watch the tidal waves from the Qiantang River. The biggest wave in nine years hit on the 31st, destroying guardrails. An even bigger wave is expected for September 12th.

    Safer spots along the dam will be opened for tide watching, and visitors will be directed there. It's a popular activity during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival—August 15th of the Lunar New Year—when the tides are said to be the highest.