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    Chinese Internet Activist Wang Lihong Given 9 Months in Jail


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Chinese regime is putting one Internet activist behind bars for the next nine months. Wang Lihong was targeted by authorities because she stood up for a mother whose daughter was killed in a brothel supposedly under police protection back in 2010.

    Chinese rights activist Wang Lihong was sentenced to nine months in jail on Friday. It's a case that has drawn condemnation from critics who see her as a victim of the Communist Party's crackdown on Internet-spread dissent.

    Fifty-five-year-old Wang, a fervent blogger, was found guilty of "stirring up trouble." The charge was based on a protest in 2010, when she demonstrated outside a court in eastern China where three people stood trial for criticizing an official.

    Heavy security outside the northwest Beijing court on Friday kept the number of supporters down, though the initial hearing drew many more.

    Wang's son, Qi Jianxiang , was allowed to enter the courtroom, but representatives from the European Union delegation and other embassies were turned away.

    Addressing foreign and Hong Kong media after the verdict, Qi said his mother had not accepted the verdict, and the family would appeal.

    [Qi Jianxiang, Wang Lihong's Son]:
    "She said, 'I think you all know that I'm innocent', and the judge said 'Well, we have a different understanding,' and my mother said she wants to send her regards to the Internet."

    Much of Wang's activism has taken place online.

    Wang's lawyer said the sentence was "relatively light" compared to the maximum of five years' jail that the court could have given.

    But Wang's son said she should never have been sentenced at all.