Balloon Art: How to Make Poodle?

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

Balloon Art: How to Make Poodle? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I would like to show you now my favorite poodle. This is the poodle I have been doing for years. What you want to do is you want to blow up the balloon. You want to leave quite a bit of a tail at the end. I usually use my hand for measuring, so a little more than a hand and a thumb. Just like that. You want to twist a bubble. That is maybe three or four inches long. Closer to three. You want to do three bubbles, just like that. Then you want to take the end of the third bubble and twist it in to the beginning of the first bubble, just like this. So you have the poodle head. Then you want to twist a neck, and then the leg, and then a paw, and then the other paw, and then the other front leg. You are going to make it the same size. And then you twist the two legs together. There you have the front part of your poodle. Then you want to leave a small body. Then another leg, another paw, another paw and then another leg. And twist those together. Now to really make this really look like a poodle what you want to do is you want to stretch out the very tip, the very end of the balloon just like this. With your index finger and thumb slightly hold where the balloon is un-inflated by this bubble, then give it a pinch. Squeeze this bubble and that will force the air in to the very end of the balloon and you get a nice poof in the tail. And that is the cute poodle that wins the lots of smiles for the people that I make it for. That is the poodle.