Common Mistakes At Networking Events

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by Geo Beats

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Common Mistakes At Networking Events - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hello, I am Gloria Starr, International image, etiquette, communication, and a leadership coach. Networking events can be quite challenging and there are keys to success. The first one is: walk into the room and pause, look around, do not go directly over to your friends and buddies that you work with. you want to network yourself into greater success. So you should have done some homework ahead of time and found that a few key people that you would like to meet. Then you would want to walk over to different people and introduce yourself. Do not rush into an introduction of yourself, what you would like to do is make sure that you are welcomed. You are not normally welcome in a group of two, that is a closed conversation with people standing like this, But an open group where you can come into the circle, you pause just inside that circle and then wait until you are invited in. That could be with a gesture or hello, or an indication that they want you to come in. The goal is to meet people and introduce yourself, be memorable, slow down when you say your name, be sure to ask their name and it is always important to get their business card.