Business Etiquette for Holiday Parties

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by Geo Beats

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Business Etiquette for Holiday Parties - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Holiday Parties. Most companies have holiday parties. The challenges that I see most frequently, are people going to a holiday party dressed for a party. We need to remember that this is still a business situation and for the women to lower the neckline, showing cleavage, or off the shoulder, too short a skirt, all of those are going to send out a mixed message and that is going to be a problem. Showing respect at a holiday party means that you need to greet everyone there, but not in a line up of a row. But you never want to leave a party without having said goodnight to the host of the party. The goal would be to arrive on time and if the party is at seven o'clock, seven o'clock to 9 or 10 minutes after seven is appropriate. Twenty minutes past seven and you are officially almost too late. Now, when you are interacting with others you would want to be gracious and understanding, do not rush for the buffet table. Do not pick something off the buffet table and double dip into the chocolate sauce or the french dip and do not drink too much. At a networking and a holiday party, you would want to hold your glass, a beverage, a wine, in your left hand. Never raise your glass if you are having a photo taken. Lower the glass, you do not want to look like you are drinking too much. And the reason you keep your right hand free off the beverage or your food, is you might want to be able to shake hands. And things like the kiss that so many people do at parties, that should be kept to a minimum as well, just in case there is a mixed message being sent. And you do not need that to dampen your rise to fame.