Business Dinner Etiquette

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Business Dinner Etiquette - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The do's and do-nots for business dinners would be all follows. Arrive on time, show respect, and dress appropriately, it is still a business dinner. Make sure that no business is discussed until after the menus have been received, the orders have been taken, and the menus have disappeared, and the order is placed. Then, casual business could be discussed, but keep in mind the dynamics of the people there. Does everyone have privy to the knowledge that you do, or is some of it confidential? If it is a mixed group, say, for example, business and some spouses, business should be kept to a minimum and quite light. Watch your open-ended questions so that you are not too invasive, and keep in mind the confidentiality, so perhaps the voices would not be too loud. When you are interacting with others, you want to pace your questions based on when that person does not have a mouthful of food. So you might ask someone and then wait for their answer. Some of the things I see so frequently is gentlemen at the table will tuck their napkin into their shirt collar, an absolute no-no. I have also seen men flip their ties over their shoulder or tuck them into their shirt, and again, that is not appropriate as well. If someone comes to the table just a few minutes later, such as a woman, the gentlemen no longer need to stand, and they certainly do not need to reach across the table to shake, but they would just raise themselves slightly, nod, and acknowledge the person and then continue on as that person seats themselves.