What Size Luggage Do You Need? - Women's Style

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

What Sizing Luggage Do You Need? - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. Many people ask me, "What should I take on a trip? How much clothes can I pack and what do I put them in?" What you want to try first is take as much as you can in the smallest amount of space that you can. So you have plenty of options here. If you are going on a little weekend trip, you may need nothing more than a tote. It holds lots of things. You can put much more than you would imagine inside a bag like this and you have a separate little compartment for your change purse, bus ticket, metro pass. This one has got a little luggage tag on it so you will always have your name on it. Back side zipper for your important documents and that is a great weekender. Another weekender option which you can take on a plane or in an airport. It is good and can hold a few days clothes and it has got wheels, is our rolling duffel bag. And again, it has got a back zipper, it has got a luggage tag and it holds a tremendous amount of clothing, shoes, travel documents, everything you could want. A bigger option might be, for a longer trip, we have our luggage piece here and this is expandable. So you go on that trip and find all kinds of great souvenirs to bring home, you just make your suitcase a little bit bigger. This one can hold plenty of clothes. You might be able to pack a week's worth in here. Again, it is on wheels. Got its own luggage tag. Lots of compartments on the outside for documents. The last option I am going to show you is our Northsouth Bag which also holds a computer, a laptop. It has got a padded compartment inside and plenty of room for shoes. And that gives you just a few examples of what you can take on a trip without carrying a huge, humongous suitcase.