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    Choosing Puppy Beds

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Choosing Puppy Beds - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. So bedding options for puppies, it is a difficult thing because when you get a puppy it is so tempting. You want to dress them up and you want to buy the most, you know lovely colors and leashes and the most cushy bedding. The truth is that your puppy is probably going to tear up, chew, pee, poop, basically destroy anything that they start sleeping on. It is just their nature. They do not know that it cost a hundred dollars. So I suggest that you start being very practical. This is actually stylish but it is really, this mat is nice and soft but it can slip inside a crate. So you would want to have something you can have on the bottom of the crate. And then when your puppy is not in the crate you can also use it as a bed and it is washable and it is nice, warm texture. Then you can also get some kind of fleecie mat or something. Something that you can travel around with because when you are at friends houses or you are just settling in in different rooms of your house and you have the same bed and that is where your puppy hangs out and chills on. They are going to learn to, oh this is my bed. I relax on this. So this is nice because it is light and you can move it around and take it different places. Now this is really soft and I could sleep on this. I feel like and this is a nice also portable one. It is a little bit, you know a little bit chicer probably more expensive but it is actually a nice useful bed as well.