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    Popular Dog Breeds

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    Popular Dog Breeds - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

    So French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds we see here in San Francisco and I think their popularity is obviously due to the face here, like look how cute they are. They are also a small dog with a big dog personality and alot of people think they make a great apartment dog because they are compact and they are also socially very gregarious. They love everybody. They are like party animals and so they are very very popular dogs and we see alot of them now in the city.

    So the other most popular breed that we see in our puppy school in San Francisco are Goldendoodles and they are wonderful dogs. I think one reason they are very popular is because a lot of times they are hypoallergenic but they are also wonderful, soft, sensitive. Great for families and they are just, I mean they are like little bears. So they make great companion dogs. But I do also want to say that no matter breed you get, because all puppies are really cute, there are wonderful mixed breeds as well and it is just really important that you know that you consider what the temperament is of the dog you are getting and research into it. Make sure that that is the right dog for you.