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    Shanghai Glass Museum Lights Up Arts Scene


    by NTDTelevision

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    An old glass factory in Shanghai has been turned into a unique museum, boasting both modern and historical pieces of glass art. One of the highlights is the glass making show.

    Hot molten glass is skillfully sculptured into ornate designs at the Shanghai Museum of Glass, where visitors can get a firsthand look at the art of glass making.

    Sparkling art sculptures and a contemporary façade greets visitors at the 50,000-square-foot museum, which opened in May this year.

    The project was initiated and funded by the Shanghai Glass Company Ltd, who wanted to rebuild its former glass factory into a modern glass theme park.

    [Cindy Fang, Museum's Marketing Director]:
    "Our museum is built differently from the typical traditional museum in China. You will find that the style is very contemporary and artistic. We hope to convey a very high standard of an aesthetical mood to our visitors, so that they not just understand about glass, but only get to enjoy an entire aesthetic and artistic experience."

    Fang added the museum was just the first phase of an entire glass experience. There are plans to form a glass community, adding workshops for glass artists, a glass sculpture square, a business park, cafes and restaurants into the space.

    She expects the entire project to be completed in five years.

    For now, one of the highlights of the museum is its glass making show, where craftsmen demonstrate how to blow and mold hot molten glass into finished glass artifacts.

    Eight-year-old Song Hunxi said he was surprised to see how such glass art was made.

    [Song Hunxi, Visitor]:
    "This was very educational for me and I think it is very good."

    The glass museum is located in the outskirts of Shanghai and is open daily, except Mondays.