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    Call of Duty Elite Download Free - Xbox 360 - PS3


    by Resadersae

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    In this video tutorial you are going to learn how to get a Free Beta Invite for Call of Duty Elite using the Call of Duty Elite Beta Invite Tool, which is available for Free. Call of Duty Elite - Connect, Compete, Improve. You want to take part but you haven't received your Beta Invite yet and are tired of waiting? Get instant access using the CoD Elite Beta Invite Tool, simply download the Tool and follow the web site Intructions.

    Or use Direct Link

    Once you got your Invite you will get INSTANT ACCESS to all Features of Call of Duty Elite. But thats not all, not only do you get the Beta Invite, you will also have a Premium or VIP Package for 1 Year after receiving the Beta Invite, which means EXCLUSIVE content, monthly DLC's for Free and even Exclusive Premium User Camo for your Weapons!