Why girl

Rasean Blyden

by Rasean Blyden

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Now this one going out to all the Virgin Island woman them who break meh heart
To all the woman from Maine, and from New York, and from Hartford, CT watch meh now

Use to have a gal by the name of Sharon,the gal she a cumming she say meh her number one
But when you take a stop the girl no really love me, she break meh heart she sleep with Tom,Dick, and Harry
But them sort of things really aggravate me, say meh want everybody come and listen to me
Spell out meh name the gal can't do that,cause she have another man in the back of her mind
I don't understand why she ah want hurt me, I don't know why she do that to me
R,E,H,D,O double G ah sing it out yeah ah want uno listen,cause you know that they gal she no really love me for real

Music produced by Cliff Baker

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