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    911, No Comment - LAUDY LAPROPAGAND' ft. MILLS

    Laudy Lapropagand'

    par Laudy Lapropagand'

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    Title : 911, No Comment
    Prod by BEUSH for 12 VOLTS INDUSTRIE
    Extract from "CONFIDENCES", LAUDY LAPROPAGAND's solo LP.
    Available on iTunes, VirginMega, FnacMusic, MusicMe, Deezer, Spotify...

    Tribute to all the victims of September 11 attacks (as well as to all the victims of attacks, worldwide), to the NYC Firemen (and to their families) for their courage and their self-abnegation, to the civil victims of the wars, who ensued from those attacks, in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and to the military kids who lost their life, by patriotism, committed in a war which didn't even concern them.
    May God blessed their souls. RIP.

    Hommage à toutes les victimes des attentats du 11 Septembre 2001 (ainsi qu'à toutes les victimes d'attentats, à travers le monde), aux NYC Firemen (et à leurs familles) pour leur courage et leur abnégation, aux victimes civiles des guerres, qui ont découlées de ces attentats, en Afghanistan et en Irak, et aux gamins militaires qui ont perdu leur vie, par patriotisme, engagés dans une guerre qui ne les concernait même pas.
    Que Dieu bénisse leurs âmes. REP.

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