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    Israelis Demand Change and Social Justice


    by NTDTelevision

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    And now we go to the Middle East, where the weekend saw mass protests in several Israeli cities over the rising cost of living. Around 400 thousand people took to the streets, most of them in Tel Aviv, demanding social change.

    The tent protest began 2 months ago in Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Both young and old went out into the streets and pitched tents in the middle of the Boulevard, in protest against rising housing costs.

    The protest has now spread to other cities in Israel. It has also expanded: protesters are calling for change in education, lower food and gas prices. And the list goes on.



    Many from the middle and lower classes are struggling to make ends meet.

    Zvi Halfi and Shimon Tal are 2 pensioners who came to support the protest.

    They don't personally suffer from any housing problems and their pensions let them live a decent life, but they came in support of the protest for the sake of their children's and grandchildren's future.

    [Shimon Tal, pensioner]:
    “The government should take responsibility over the issue of education from age zero. This should substantially reduce the expenses of young married couples."

    [Zvi Halfi, Pensioner]:
    “I think more people should go out to work in this country. If mothers could leave their children in safe hands, they would be able to go to work. Every person who goes out to work and is being productive contributes something to the overall national budget.”

    So what kind of changes are these 400 thousand people hoping for?


    The organizers of the demonstration are fond of saying that a new generation is emerging in Israel. They call themselves “The new Israelis.”

    They see themselves as people who refuse to keep sitting quietly at home and are finally taking their demands for social justice to the street.

    NTD News, Tel Aviv, Israel