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    Bodies of Two Missing Germans Found in Afghanistan


    by NTDTelevision

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    Afghan police are about to collect the bodies of two Germans who went missing in a province north of Kabul. They were feared kidnapped, as abductions and kidnapping are a lucrative business in Afghanistan.

    Afghan police in the Salang area of Afghanistan were expecting to receive the bodies of two German citizens who went missing in a province north of Kabul last month.

    Both were found on Monday, and they appeared to have been killed by gunshots.

    Afghan police have been talking to a nomad, Sayed Rahman, who lives in the area and who says he has seen the bodies.

    [Sayed Rahman, Afghan Nomad]:
    "Their bodies were in pieces you could not recognize them. One of them was hit in the back they were badly killed."

    German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in late August that two German citizens had gone missing in Afghanistan and may have been kidnapped.

    Westerwelle declined to give any details about their identity.

    Afghan officials said at the time they had been exploring the region.

    Kidnapping is a lucrative business in impoverished Afghanistan and scores of locals and foreigners have been abducted by criminals with financial motives and by Taliban-linked insurgents in recent years.

    Salangi said the bodies were found in a desert frequented by Kuchi nomads, and he suspected they were involved in the killings.

    He did not say how the authorities had identified the victims to be Germans.

    Violence has risen to its worst levels in Afghanistan since the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban government and the insurgency has now spread to the once peaceful north, in addition to the south and east.